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About Bali

About bali - bali map

Bali is a small island, located in the center of Indonesian archipelago with beautiful landscape, beach, mountain, lakes, rice fields, and unique culture. Most people in Bali are Hindu, this is still reflected in day to day life and can be seen in the numerous ceremonies, Balinese festivals, and magnificent temples and palaces. Bali is also famous with its traditional dance, such as Legong, Barong, Pendet, Kecak, and many more.

Most Balinese people works for arts. They make paintings, stone and wood carving, bags, silver and gold jewelry, handicrafts and many others fine handmade products.

Bali has an interesting collection of animal and plant life. The rice terraces are the most common sight everyday in Bali , particularly in the heavily populated and extravagantly fertile south. Balinese gardens are a delight. The soil and climate in Bali can support a huge range of plants, and the Balinese love of beauty, and the abundance of cheap labour, meaning that every space can be landscaped. The style is generally informal, with curved paths, a rich variety of plants and usually a water feature. You can find almost every type of flower in Bali , though some varieties, such as hydrangeas, are restricted to the cooler mountain areas. Orchids are a special attraction, and orchid fanciers should see the collection at the botanical gardens near Bedugul.

There are various animals you might come across around the island of Bali. Chickens are kept both for food purposes and as pets. Balinese cattle are nearly as delicate as Balinese pigs are gross. Bali certainly used to have tigers and although there are periodic rumors of sightings in the remote north-west of the island, nobody has proof of seeing one for a long time. That's why most of Balinese artist used flora and fauna in Bali because it's unique and beautiful.

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